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Environmental management, SDGs

In this field, we conduct environmental surveys, environmental impact forecasts, environment-related measures, environmental assessments, etc. Environmental and social considerations are implemented, in addition to consideration of environmental preservation measures associated with road construction and river and dam projects.
For example, in a project where a new road is constructed,by conducting an investigation and forecast evaluation concerning such an impact on the environment from the initial stage of the project plan and proposing environmental preservation measures, the impact on the environment is prevented, and a “better project plan” is proposed with its feedback.

Environmental assessment related to various projects
Environmental assessment procedures are required for projects of a certain scale, such as road and land readjustment projects.
Our group has experience in environmental assessments related to road and land readjustment projects and takes action related to procedures ranging from investigation to creation of environmental assessment documents and assistance in explanatory meetings.
Environmental preservation measures
We forecast the noise and vibration impacts on neighboring residences, precision machine factories, etc. due to road traffic and the operation of construction machines, as well as consideration of environmental preservation measures.
In addition, we estimate the extent of impact on houses from the various types of construction projects and a pre-inspection range of the house is set. We monitor construction projects in terms of the noise, vibrations, muddy water, and soil pollution during the work and provide instructions and advice to builders from a third-party perspective.
Environmental preservation measures
Regarding the natural environment of flora and fauna, we conduct investigations adapted to all animals and plants, including birds of prey. We plan and implement field investigations for birds of prey, as well as analyze the home range and feeding sites in consideration of the impact from the project.
In addition, we consider and implement the installation of artificial alternative nest sites as environmental preservation measures and then establish a plan for implementing conditioning during the construction work and provide instructions to construction companies.
Furthermore, we also transplant important plants, establish and implement transplant and relocation plans, such as the creation of spawning pools for salamanders, and establish ecological road plans and slope-greening plans with domestic species.
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