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Structural/Railway design and Risk evaluation of infrastructures

In this field, we forecast and evaluate diverse risks and consider appropriate measures for various facilities, including social infrastructure. As various community facilities that were developed during the period of high economic growth reach the end of their useful lives, the number of relevant inspection and diagnostic (forecast and evaluation) operations and measures (repair and reinforcement design) is increasing, especially for bridges. Particularly life extension repair plans, including repair plans and future inspection schedules, based on the results of the bridge inspection, have been proposed not only for local governments but also to national government projects as well as to the expressway management. And in recent years, we have also worked on the development of technologies for monitoring the state of bridges and automating inspections.
In addition, structural operations are within the scope of our service. Recently, we have been engaged in the design of new bridges, especially the design of many bridges for railway structures, such as the new Shinkansen (bullet train)lines, where we have been involved in the design of the western route of the Kyushu Shinkansen, the route of the Hokuriku Shinkansen which is located west of Kanazawa Station, Chuo Shinkansen, etc.

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