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Corporate history

March, 1949
Founded as Fukuyama contractor
March, 1955
Renamed to First-class Architect Office Fukuyama Consultants
November, 1963
Established as Fukuyama Consultants Co., Ltd
March, 1995
Registered shares as over-the-counter
August, 2007
Established Fukuyama Research & Incubation Center Co., Ltd. (consolidated subsidiary)
October, 2009
Acquired shares of Kankyo Bousai Co. Ltd.
January, 2011
Established HMB Co., Ltd.
July, 2015
Established the New Business Promotion Office
March, 2016
Established FBN Co., Ltd.
January, 2017
Established Founder's Consultants Holdings Inc.;transitioned into a holdings company organizational structure
July, 2017
Introduced Employee Shareholding Incentive Plan
July, 2018
Established R&D subsidiary, Social Incubation Lab
August, 2018
Acquired shares of Ecoplan Research Laboratory
August, 2018
Introduced J-ESOP, Employee Stock Ownership Plan
July, 2019
Started the first mid-term plan, "Co-Creation 22"
September, 2019
Held 70th. anniversary receptions in Fukuoka and Tokyo
April, 2020
Acquired shares of Earth System Science Co., Ltd.