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Message from the President

We will continue to evolve as a corporate group that continues to create new value by promoting an open market innovation strategy centered on the construction consulting business, which plays a part in social capital maintenance.

Founder's Consultants Holdings Inc.
Our company is a pure holding company with six business entities under our umbrella, along with Fukuyama Consultants Co., Ltd., which was established in 1949 as a wholly owned subsidiary.

The civil engineering consulting service, which is the core business of our group, is recognized as an industrial field that is closely connected to the lives of citizens with the frequent occurrence of natural disasters, and an increasing need for maintenance and updating of the aging social infrastructure, along with redevelopment in response to an aging society, its importance is increasing continuously. We are a corporate group that has the role of continuing to consult businesses with higher social value in line with the needs of today's diversifying and changing times..

In order to respond to market demands, it has become essential to strengthen collaboration not only in the construction field but also in the use of ICT, led by AI technology, and other industrial fields, as well as a wide variety of fields that include natural and social sciences. Our  group is compromised to continuously make business reforms through active external collaboration that is not bound by conventional business model frameworks nor preestablished practices within the industry. We will try to improve the satisfaction of our stakeholders, including customers, employees, and shareholders, by reaching out to people and local communities to ensure safety and security, enhancing the capacity of the group through creation of technologies and organic reorganization of the entire business which will lead to sustained growth, and improving business quality.

We will appreciate your continuous help and encouragement.

president Koji Fukushima